Lily Lee, B.Comm.

Marketing & Project Strategist

Lily has extensive marketing experience, managing brands and businesses through creative identification and capitalization of opportunities. She has built a solid foundation in strategic planning, brand positioning, marketing plan development and implementation for over 20 years as a consultant, business owner, product manager and analyst. Industry experience includes personal care, wine and spirits, tableware, retail home furnishings, toys, organic food, healthcare and human resource services.

Lily has also led and managed initiatives, collaborating with multiple stakeholders in developing and implementing process strategies to optimize service delivery and team function in health care and social services for over 3 years. She has worked on organizational development to initiate and sustain cultural change and to optimize regional recruitment and retention. She has developed organizational effectiveness and social marketing strategies.


Lily’s marketing specialty is to facilitate, clarify and champion what’s great about each business, service or brand, collaborate with the creative agency team to translate the positioning into consistent imagery across all marketing elements to work synergistically by reinforcing the message and engaging the end user.

Lily’s project management expertise has dovetailed into leading strategic planning, developing and implementing organizational integration and improvement initiatives.


  • Position – establish what is unique about each business, service or brand
  • Plan – define and develop creative and marketing strategies based on positioning address work culture and team function discrepancies to optimize the delivery of the positioning
  • Promote – identify, develop and implement communication vehicles to reach targeted audiences based on decision-making factors
  • Lead – plan, develop and implement process strategies to optimize team function and service delivery


  • Strategic assessment and planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Creative brand positioning
  • Planning, development and implementation of marketing strategies and plans
  • Project management
  • Collaborate with clients and creative agency to execute advertising strategies and promotional collaterals
  • Facilitate collaborative engagement and organizational development


Lily has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Concordia University

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