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Kick Starting Your Retirement Program

Retirement Planning for 30 to 50 year olds

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Findings from recent studies indicate that:

  • 41% of employees felt under-prepared for retirement to some extent, while 64% admitted to be concerned that they would not be able to cope financially in retirement.1
  • 50% do not have a financial plan. In contrast, employees who plan have amassed nearly 2.5 times more in retirement plans than non-planners1
  • Retirement planning is a priority for 30 year olds. They may place greater emphasis on saving for retirement more than their parents. Most would like to work with the same employer for their entire career. Also, they would prefer to have a guaranteed income at retirement provided by their employer. Younger generations have a perception that Canada Pension Plan may not be there for them.2

Kick Starting Your Retirement program offers value to employees aged 30 to 50 regardless of their level of financial preparedness. Whether employees are novice or seasoned investors, this comprehensive program may reveal scenarios that they have not thought of that can alter their planning strategies. In addition to financial planning, many employees would benefit from being aware of the psychological and social aspects of retirement and understanding implications for themselves, their partners and families. Likewise, the health of family members, the state of their financial situation and their potential longevity in life are all factors to be considered in any future planning. Pre-retirement planning and counseling can better prepare individuals and their families, providing peace of mind.

Components of Qxplore Kick Starting Your Retirement Program

  • The Kick Starting Your Retirement program is offered to organizations and individual employees from ages 30 to 50. This comprehensive program helps participants identify and evolve their retirement needs as required and be more informed regarding their financial, career and social requirements
  • A minimum of 10-12 employees that may include spouses per session, is suggested for optimal interaction
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Program Requirements

  • Training needs analysis with client organization
  • Flexible 6 hour program or “Lunch and Learn” 2-3 hour session
  • Large training room/food and beverage facilities
  • A/V equipment/flip charts
  • Participants’s need survey

Kick Starting Your Retirement Program Content:

  • 1. Setting the Stage(.5 to 1 Hour)
    • Background and context – preparedness, demographics, scenerios
    • Main components
    • Program Priorities from Attendees’ Survey
  • 2. Be Aware and Prepare(.5 to 1 Hour)
    • Personal and Family Readiness
    • Lifestyle Change and Wellness
    • Your Personal Plan (Intro and Homework)
  • 3. Financial Planning towards Retirement(.5 to 1 Hour)
    • Personal Budget
    • Pensions and Benefits
    • Savings and Investments Strategies
    • Tax Strategies
  • 4. Developing Your Financial Plan (1 Hour to 2 Hours)
    • Budgeting Template
    • Estimating Pensions, Benefits, Income
    • Investment Decisions for Lifestyle and Retirement
    • Insurance, Will
    • Investment Planning Resources
  • 5. Kick Starting Retirement Opportunities (.5 to 1 Hour)
    • Future Planning – Your Bucket List
    • New Ventures, Preparing for Second Careers, Further Education
    • Networking, Volunteering, Other
    • Closing Remarks, Evaluations

    1Twigg, Mark. The Future of Retirement – Global Report. HSBC.December, 2010
    1Noble, Mark. Retirement Planning Big Priority for 30 year olds: Study.Advisor.ca.June 8, 2007

    Retirement Planning

    Benefits for Your Organization:

    • Expresses gratitude to loyal employees
    • Prepares your pre-retirees for retirement life changes
    • Enhance team function and Productivity
    • Contributes to the retention of mature workers
    • Promotes a positive culture to younger employees
    • Increases motivation and morale
    • Improves collaboration and communication
    • Generates Goodwill
    Qxplore Retirement Preparedness Training

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