Kathleen Lanoue, M.S.W., RSW

Clinical Therapist and Social Worker

Kathleen Lanoue obtained her Master of Social Work degree in 1993 and is a Registered Social Worker. Kathleen has many years’ experience working with clients as a therapist, advocate, policy maker, and leader in the non-profit and healthcare sectors. Kathleen spent several years in Nunavut working to support Inuit communities and mental health professionals. Kathleen has provided behavioral consultation and training to the foster parent community and to high risk children in care. Additionally, she has held several positions in senior management in the non-profit and healthcare sectors.

Kathleen is trained in principled negotiation and critical incident stress management offering diffusion and debriefing after a traumatic incident, as well as guided dispute resolution.

Kathleen is a former Director of Professional Practice at the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service workers where she had oversight for quality assurance as well as providing practice consultations and public speaking to Social Workers and Social Service Workers across the Province. She has provided clinical supervision and advising to practitioners and to governments, developed policy and programs for Aboriginal communities, in the criminal justice system and in child welfare.

Kathleen is trained in trauma assessment and intervention and has supported first responders and those impacted by various forms of trauma. She works from a harm reduction perspective with those suffering addictions and other associated challenges related to dependence, mental health issues, and illness.

Kathleen’s therapeutic approaches include CBT, mindfulness techniques and short-term interventions which are person centred and empowerment based. Kathleen proves therapeutic intervention to children including young children, youth, adults and families. All services are based in non-judgement, support and acceptance. All are welcomed.

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