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Embracing your Retirement Program

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The transition from full-time employment to complete retirement is an important step in an employee’s life. The need to prepare has been recognized universally. Older employees may require more time off work to make necessary arrangements and, perhaps to adjust progressively to full retirement. Some may also find counseling services and retirement preparation workshops or seminars to be extremely useful

Most pre-retirement counselling focuses almost exclusively on financial planning. Yet, many employees would benefit from being aware of the psychological and social aspects of retirement and understand the implications for themselves, their partners and families. Likewise, the health of family members, the state of their financial situation and the potential longevity in life are all factors to be considered. Pre-retirement planning and counselling can better prepare individual s for a smoother transition, providing peace of mind.

Components of Qxplore Embracing Your Retirement Program

  • The Embracing Your Retirement program is offered to organizations and individual employees. This comprehensive program helps participants identify their retirement needs and be more informed regarding their financial, career and social requirements. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to attend
  • A minimum of 5 – 6 retirees (and their spouses) to total 10 – 12 participants per session is suggested for optimal interaction

Program Requirements

  • Training needs analysis with client organization
  • Flexible 6 – 12 hour program
  • Full days or 3 – 4 hour sessions
  • Large training room/food and beverage facilities
  • A/V equipment/flip charts
  • Pre-retiree participants’ needs survey
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Embracing Your Retirement Program:

Modules include:

  • 1. Setting the Stage (1.0 to 2.0 Hours)
    • Background and context – preparedness, demographics, scenerios
    • Main components
    • Priorities from Attendees’ Survey
  • 2. Making the Most of your Retirement (1.5 to 3 Hours)
    • Personal and Family Readiness
    • Lifestyle Change and Wellness
    • Keep Healthy, Enjoy Retirement
    • Your Personal Plan (Intro and Homework)
  • 3. Financial Planning for Retirement (1.25 to 2.5 Hours)
    • Personal Budget
    • Pensions and Benefits
    • Investments, Wills
    • Tax Strategies
  • 4. Developing Your Financial Plan (1.5 to 3 Hours)
    • Budgeting Template
    • Calculating Pensions, Benefits, Income
    • Insurance, Will Changes
    • Resources
  • 5. Post-Retirement Opportunities (0.75 to 1.5 Hours)
    • Future Planning
    • New Ventures, Second Careers, Further Education
    • Networking, Volunteering, Other
    • Closing Remarks, Evaluations

Show your Employees that you care

Benefits for your Pre-Retirees:

  • Prepares pre-retirees for life changes
  • Redefines their vision and purpose in life
  • Answers questions about what’s next
  • Determines what they should do next by creating a Success Life Plan
  • Learn how to manage the financial and emotional changes of retirement
  • Examines their life priorities to create balance and fulfillment
  • Create a workable plan for a retirement that is meaningful, active and joyful
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Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Expresses gratitude to loyal employees
  • Prepares your pre-retirees for retirement life changes
  • Enhance team function and Productivity
  • Contributes to the retention of mature workers
  • Promotes a positive culture to younger employees
  • Increases motivation and morale
  • Improves collaboration and communication
  • Generates Goodwill

For more information and to set up an Embracing Your Retirement Program for your organization, please contact Ginny Palmer by calling (613) 966-4262 or by email: vpalmer@qxplore.com

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