Autism Assessment and Therapy Services

For more information about our Autism Assessment and Therapy Services please visit Autism services website.


Some parents, caregivers and support staff are responsible for caring for people with complex needs and challenging behaviours that are interfering with the person’s daily activities and involvement in their community. Typical challenges include aggression, self-injury, property destruction, feeding, sleeping, toileting, and ritualistic or repetitive behaviours.

Behavioural consultation services are available for parents/caregivers/support staff who are finding it difficult to manage their child or person they are supporting with complex needs and challenging behaviours. Individuals supported include but are not limited to individuals with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and dual diagnosis. Services are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Services are appropriate for children, adolescents and adults.


In the individual’s natural environment, the clinician conducts a thorough functional behaviour assessment typically across multiple days and often in multiple settings. This assessment allows the clinician to determine the function of the individual’s challenging behaviour, in other words, why the individual is engaging in the behaviour. The assessment also allows the clinician to identify the primary areas for concern and development. Further psychological testing may be recommended depending on the complexity of the presenting problems and the nature of the person’s disorder.

Following this assessment, a positive behaviour support plan (PBSP) is created which includes strategies for the prevention of the challenging behaviours and interventions to facilitate the development of functional skills to replace the interfering behaviours. Mediators including parents and caregivers, group home staff, and educational staff can be trained to implement the PBSP and trained on data collection in order to measure progress. The data and PBSP are reviewed regularly and modified based on the individual’s progress.

For more information about our Autism Assessment and Therapy Services please visit Autism services website.

For more information contact Virginia Palmer, Clinical Coordinator
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Behavioural Consultation Services are provided by Laura Campbell, MA, BCBA who in addition to being an Associate with the practice is a Professor and Coordinator in the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Behavioural Psychology at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

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